Go ye therefore, and teach
all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost:

Matthew 28:19

Our missionary effort is based on the New Testament pattern of missionaries serving, teaching the gospel, and baptizing believers in the name of Jesus. One of the greatest commands in Scripture is to evangelize the world.
 At Newton Baptist Church, we know the importance of reaching out to a lost and dying world and it starts here at home. Through your mission giving we have the opportunity help reach people for Christ who we will never meet.

Active Missionaries

*Please note that for the safety of some of our missionaries, their names may or may not be listed below.

Vincent Agbodo

Missionary to Togo
Website: www.fbnc.net/togo
Email: agbodoak@yahoo.com

Gary Ellison

Missionary to Hispanics
Website:  www.frontierbaptistmissions.com
Email:  gellisonfbmi@gmail.com

Jonathan Ford

Missionary to Moldova
Website:  www.pray4moldova.org
Email:  fordmoldova@yahoo.com

Adam Gibbs

General Director of NOW Ministries
Website: www.nowministries.us 
Email:  adam@nowministries.us

Thomas Green

Missionary to Latin and South America
Website: www.directlineministry.com
Email:  thomas.green@directlineministry.com

Tony Applegate

Missionary to Uganda
Website:  www.theappplegates.net 
Email:  tony@theapplegates.net@gmail.com

Bruce Berry

Missionaries to South America
Website: www.mwbm.org 
Email:  bruceberry@mwbm.org

Jonathan Facenda

Missionary to South Korea
Website:  www.baptistworldmission.org 
Email:  jfacenda@baptistworldmission.org

CAlvin George

Missionary to Hispanics
Website:  www.thecalvingeorgefamily.org 
Email:  calvingeorge@gmail.com

Bill Goins

Baptist Printing Ministry
Website:  www.calvarybaptisttunnelhill.org
Email: calvarystand@me.org

Eli Guiltner

Missionary to Japan
Website: www.BMFP.org 
Email: mtwitness@gmail.com

Dean Hamby

Will Hill

Asst. Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Website: www.mwbm.org
Email: dhamby@mwbm.org

Sam Hodges

Missionary to Honduras
Website:  www.newlifeinhonduras.org
Email: samjuliehodges@yahoo.com

Gordon Horton

Missionary to Canada
Website: www.bfmp.org 
Email: hortons@cbcofdurham.org

Tom Lancaster

Military Missions - European Field Coordinator
Website: www.bimi.org
Email: tomdottiel@yahoo.com

Macedonia World Baptist Mission, Inc.

Mission Board Home Office
Website: www.mwbm.org
Email:  dhamby@mwbm.org
Missionary to Japan
Website: www.risingsonmission.com
Email:  will2japan@gmail.com

Hope for the World Foundation

Mission to Orphans and People of Albania
Webstie: www.hftw.org
Email: kerrimullins@hftw.org

Allen Johnson

Missionary to the World
Website: www.wingsbps.org 
Email: ajohnson@wingsbps.org

Young Ho Lee

Missionary to South Korea
Website: www.mwbm.org
Email:  yh4072003@yahoo.com

Julio Marquina

Missionary to Venezuela
Website: www.mwbm.org 
Email:  jmarquina@mwbm.org

Ben Mayo

Robert Mickey

Missionary Serving Other Missionaries
Website: www.prayerbaptistmissions.com 
Email:  mayopbmioffice@gmail.com

Charles Nichols

Missionary to Brazil
Website:  www.madisonbaptist.com
Email:  hcnichols@earthlink.net

Providence Ministries

Missionary to Kenya
Website: www.fbwwm.org 
Email:  rawtokenya@gmail.com

Janna Peacock

Prison Ministry
Website: www.roapm.org 
Email: janna.peacock@gmail.com

Catherine Rich

Missionary to Japan
Website: www.cmc.missions.net
Email:  richrich42@gmail.com

Tom Schreeder

Josep Segurado

Missionary to Armenia
Website: www.gbczachary.com
Email: tomschreeder@gmail.com

Keith Schumaker

Missionary to Burkina Faso
Website: www.theharvest.net 
Email: keith@theharvest.net

Allen Snare

Missionary to the Deaf
Website:  www.silentworld.org
Email: snare@silentworld.org

S. David Smith

Missionary to Brazil
Website: www.bmm.org
Email:  gerilynnbrazil@yahoo.com

Tacna Peruvian School fund

Peru (In Memory of Bethany Homan)
Website: www.mwbm.org 
Email:  dhamby@mwbm.org

aaron Vance

David Velasquez

Missionary to Columbia
Website: www.bemagnified.org 
Email:  aaronlvance@gmail.com

Caleb Worley

Church Planting Missionary in New Mexico
Website: www.newmexico4christ.com
Email: calebworley@mwbm.org
Missionary to Spain
Website: www.operationspain.com
Email: david@operationspain.com

Be a Blessing

On this page we have listed all the missionaries we support through your missions giving. These missionaries would be the first to tell you that while they are extremely thankful for your monetary support; the support they truly need is your prayer. Please pray for our missionaries and let them know you are praying for them. A note of encouragement could be exactly what a missionary needs today.