Strength and honour are her clothing;
and she shall rejoice in time to come.

Proverbs 31:25

The simplest way to make women feel valued is to get to know them: ask what's going on in their lives; their struggles and joys; what they read, watch and listen to. Actively seek out their ideas and wisdom on areas of church life—they will have plenty of it! At Newton Baptist, our goal is to help women by teaching the bible, listening to you, honoring you, and giving you the opportunity to serve the Lord by giving back to the church and to your community. The visible presence of women serving alongside men is so important for the next generation.

We have an extremely active Ladies' Ministry. With our monthly activities you do not want to miss out!

Mom's are the glue that
holds the family together

"My moma, Margaret Vaughn Ozburn, is a young 92 years of age. Being the eldest daughter and sibling to nine others, she oftentimes found herself being a "mom" before having any children of her own. Nothing was easy back in the 30's and 40's and jobs, along with food were hard to find. My granddaddy and grandmother became sharecroppers to just get by. My moma, only in her teens, had to quit school to help out on the farm and help raise her siblings. She eventually was able to get back into school and graduate and eventually met Harold Ozburn, a hard-working, good looking young man who would, in time, fit the bill for a fine husband. They got married and went on to become the proud parents of five children of their own...Terry, Beverly, Trent, Glenn, and Stuart. Moma seemed to have done a great job with us kids because we all have our share of successes but more importantly we all came to know and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, which would be, not only out biggest success story, but our mom's as well."
Thanks mom for being there for us.
- Glenn Ozburn
Newton Baptist Church Member